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13-Jun-2017 13:44

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I have made multiple changes to my blogroll and these changes are not being reflected on my site.I have deleted multiple entries in my links manager but these links are still appearing on my sidebar, my new links which I have added although appearing in my links manager page will not update and appear on my site.But it seems that with all things, even the world of Sports Card blogging has evolved.It seems thata number of the Hobby bloggers have seemed to move on to other forms of social media and have either put their blogs on hiatus, or have just stopped blogging entirely. Have I had the time and energy that I once did when I started? Will I ever get back to devoting more time to this humble, little blog? So here I am, looking at the old Sports Card Blogroll, which also is now six years old.

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He knew which fonts to use for the lettering, he knew how to add items into existing pictures.Heck, some have gone on to better (and actual) paying gigs (and if Sooz still reads this blog, congrats on the gig at Topps). A lot of great blogs have seen time on the big blogroll.While some blogs have been around since the SCBR started (and then when it became the blogroll of choice for those curious about the Hobby), many have come and gone.If you stumbled upon this blog and didn't find what you were looking for, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] You see, I started worrying about the popularity of Hobby Blogs as soon as I started realizing that I was neglecting my own. I started worrying about it when many of the bloggers that inspired me to begin my own journey started drifting away.

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Stale Gum can be found within the twitterverse, and Dinged Corners shows up too infrequently that it becomes big-time news when Patricia posts.Justin has three, and he has expenses that are well within MMM range (and sometimes within ERE range) for a family of 5.