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It's sorta like the grand finale of TMNT a couple of years ago - we all grew out of TMNT years/decades ago, and yet every once in a while you're channel-surfing on a Caturday morning, and you see there's yet another incarnation of TMNT (What, they went forward in time? q=tbn: ANd9Gc T9Qfb BGbq9Eyl8BDi S2RHUMZ7U2Np03CEm Ic OHKyz Lqfei W28D&t=1And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the Mark of the Beast! It is nice to see cartoons from our generation making a comeback, but couldn't it have been something cool like D&D or M. Interestingly enough, most people mistake Rarity for being G4 Glory(due to her colors being similiar to Glory's), she was actually going to be Sparkler originally(only Applejack got to retain her design).

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Spin mops are guilty of this, especially the lower quality kind.Amazon Comes with Limited Time Offer on Dreamline Magic Mop Bucket at Best Buy Offer Price Rs 899 with Free Shipping New technology magic mop with bucket Quick dry facility Easy to use and clean Colours : Green/Red/Blue-Actual color shipped will be as per availability.Equipped with Hand Press and half-automatic Rebound System, the 360 degree mop from Sunshine lets you clean without a hassle. has recently started a division of imports and distribution of household utility products through online platform.However, I don't understand the whole obsession with them right now. My Little Pony went viral last October primarily as a result of this article lamenting the state of the animation industry.

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It seems to get really popular not only with kids, but people that are in their 20s like me. General reaction upon watching an episode of it is, "Y'know, for commercial pap, this isn't as bad as it could have been", and the characters are sufficiently expressive (and distinctively-drawn) that the show is a source of ready-made memes that barely need captioning.I watched the entire first season of the new MLP series... As for the risks of taking a casual stroll through Internet's equivalent of Mos Eisley Spaceport, well, the bunny and Steve Martin were right: comedy is not pretty.

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