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Meanwhile, Ted and Robin come to terms with their relationship, and Barney takes Marshall on a road trip. However, Robin appears three hours early while Ted (who wanted to avoid Robin) shows up three hours after the party - and both have strollers as gifts.

Because Ted had been eager to avoid Robin for as long as he can, Barney encourages Ted to try out online dating by setting him up with three specific women.

Both Ted and Robin meet by chance outside the bar and try to talk but Robin says it is not yet a good time.

Meanwhile, Barney gets concerned over his relationship with Quinn and overreacts in situations regarding her job.

Both men hit the casinos, where Barney proposes wearing the Ducky Tie again if they can turn off their phones for one hour and drink 100 tequila shots.

As a drunk Marshall madly tosses poker chips around the casino floor, Barney turns his phone back on and sees 17 voicemails - all coming from Lily, who has gone into labor and wants them back to New York immediately.

However, in the episode , Ted is called back to Love Solutions with news that they have found his "perfect match", meeting all the standards on his personal checklist for his "perfect woman".

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Seeing that Barney's trying to dictate her career, Quinn asks for some time to think and leaves Barney, who reinstates the official.

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As they prepare to leave, Marshall dozes off seeing Lily as the driver but wakes up hours later with Barney behind the wheel. Mentor to dick Grayson his orphan ward who, at night, would don the colorful vestments of The Boy Wonder, A.

Barney explains that Lily sought his help and was near the car wearing a disguise for the switch; the "parental workshop" was actually a vacation in Atlantic City that Lily planned so Marshall could unwind. Over the course of each date, Ted suddenly visualizes Robin sitting in front of him and is determined to get her out of his mind even if his dates found him weird.