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15-Jun-2017 06:12

As Radar previously reported, the ex-supermodel was engulfed in a nasty divorce battle with Cook, who had a marriage busting affair with his 18-year-old former assistant. At the time, Cook said of the affair: “This is an aberration.

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PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces “If having a polka dotted ex husband garnered her sympathy, she would have said I was polka dotted.

That you could so blatantly lie about such a sacred trust to position yourself as a victim once again is disgraceful.

I didn’t think you could get any lower in you endeavors to stay relevant in the media than through your relentless trashing of the father of your children, and I don’t care about you or what motivates you to now perpetuate this horrific lie, and then to have your PR team work so diligently to see it is perpetuated throughout all possible media outlets…

I let you get away with a lot for the sake our children.

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When you initially filed for divorce and you attempted to prejudice opinion of me by falsely accusing me of EVER being inappropriate with Sailor was the death knell for me as far as you were concerned. You know I could not love or care for my children more, and that I have NEVER raised my hand to ANYONE, or surely you would not have encourage my adoption of Jack 3-years after we married.

I’m talking about supermodel Christie Brinkley’s ex-husband Peter Cook, a white-toothed glam guy and unspeakable cad who cheated on her during their 12-year marriage with a teenager and engaged in an Internet porn habit alleged to have cost ,000 a month.