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You were actually a Tedhead before you were a deadhead ...Your orthodontist sings O what a friend we have in Jesus every time he checks your braces, because he knows you drove from Oklahoma to Kansas to see JCS on the same day he put the braces on ... You once sent Christmas cards to some friends you new wouldn't be offended that said "Merry Christmas from our family" on the front with a photo of your family and when you open it up there was a picture of Ted with a line that said "and from a man who looks a lot like Jesus" (Sorry Father Lahr) a very broad term, and not necessarily an accurate description of everyone's association with Ted.

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You have several bootleg copies of Ted as Jesus ...

"Newbies" - and those who live very far away from the US - who have yet to meet this wonderful man (hopefully, many saw their dreams fulfilled during the last A. (nee "Farewell") Tour (2006-2010), and/or are seeing them currently fulfilled during Ted's JCS engagements in Rome, Italy and The Netherlands (2016-2017)) - probably fall more under the "generic" meaning of the term "Tedhead," while others, like me, Da Gir LS, some friends in LA and certainly those in Ventura, CA - (where Ted has spent a good deal of time with, and without, his family) - fall, more accurately, under the category of "friend," which is the term Ted prefers when referring to us.

), Ted's current usage of the term as part of his recent projects, and though I prefer the term "Ted Family," I am using "Tedhead" here as the title of my correspondence directory, until we can find a better, more universal term to use With Ted's list of followers continuing to grow almost daily now, it occurred to me that I had not been listing the "original" or older Tedheads already on the list when I began this site.

I look forward to the continuing relationship with our very special new Italian friends. Here's the e-mail Julie sent me back on 9/8/05: I got your name from Imran who you've had previous contact with regarding JCS.

We are now looking for a group of JCS fans in LA (or maybe NY) who meet regularly (outside of cyber space..) to discuss, watch, sing songs from JCS. We are looking to film in LA mid-september and it would be great to have some people to interview.

There are also some Tedheads listed here who are not yet list members, but who have written to me and may be joining at any time.