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28-Jul-2017 00:08

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AJAX is not a programming language in itself, but rather a new way to use Java Script in relation to a web page, and it’s this new technology that can make web pages faster, more user-friendly, and the overall function more efficient.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous Java Script and XML, and is used for updating and interacting with a server via Java Script, therefore allowing far more functionality with the server without having to reload the web page.

Within the PHP script, you can take in data from a form (for example if we used the The above shows how we can manipulate form data, and one can see that there’s no difference in how we use our PHP code to work with a server.

response Text is for retrieving text-based data, while response XML can be used for retrieving XML based data.Then, using basic Java Script again, we can use these properties to assign our feedback from the server in a div, or do whatever else we like with it: Hopefully you can understand the logic behind all this, but of course none of the above will do us any good as long as we don’t tell our code what we want to request in the first place.

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